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Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney keeps your strata property at its best with our Caretaker, Janitor and Building Manager Services. We know how stressful it can be for a body corporate or real estate agent if a building’s maintenance and strata cleaners are not delivering the quality service that tenants and owners deserve and desire.

Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney have 47+ years’ experience to draw from to ensure your building is well-maintained, free of nasty surprises and meets all compliance regulations. Our professional and friendly team are responsive to your requests no matter how large or small.

You’ll get to know our team of cleaners who are reliable, trustworthy and will even provide an extra set of eyes to help keep your property safe. Our guaranteed service comes from a company that is fully licensed and insured.

Building Caretaker Services

Building Management & Maintenance Sydney

Building management by Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney means you can take advantage of nearly half a century’s experience in all kinds of strata building maintenance and management.

Building management is another term for facility management and refers to a range of services that include:

  • structural services
  • janitorial services
  • checking fire alarm systems
  • outdoor path and yard safety
  • landscaping and gardening and grounds keeping
  • garbage bin service
Commercial Building Management Services

Commercial strata building management requires a range of services to be combined. As a result, building managers are balancing various regulatory bodies and requirements for safety regulators (such as fire and insurance), health and education officers and local council registrations.

In consultation with the manager and body corporate, our building management team will implement repairs, renovations, maintenance and other projects as required.

With more than 47 years’ experience, Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney brings a wealth of understanding to our commercial strata building management services. We are a company that is flexible and works along with your individual needs.

The management of commercial buildings includes offices, warehouses and other units. We help ensure your property is desirable and ready to be leased at all times.


Residential Building Management services

Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney’s residential building management team supervise and oversee concierge, porters, cleaners, electrical, HVAC and plumbing contractors. We also have experience in supervising administrative staff if the building management requires this as well.

We take care of the day to day running of your residential apartment complex and building. 

We understand how important it is to maintain and manage the expectations of residents of the building while at the same time, staying within the strata budget, legal requirements and other related constraints.


Property Caretaker

Our property caretaker services are part of our program of building management for residential and commercial properties. 

Caretaker services include:

  • janitorial services
  • cleaning and gardening with monitoring
  • safety and security monitoring
  • answering questions related to building management and maintenance
  • book and provide access for tradespeople for maintenance projects.

Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney has been providing caretaker, janitorial and building management services for over 47 years.

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