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Exceptional Strata Cleaning in Sutherland Shire

When it comes to strata cleaning in Sutherland Shire, no one does it better than our team at Curtis Cleaning. For nearly 50 years, companies throughout the Sutherland Shire area have depended on our strata cleaning services to keep the interior and exterior of their properties looking great. We offer customised strata cleaning services in Sutherland Shire to ensure you obtain the exact services you need.

We clean floors, ceilings, stairwells, pathways, parking lots and everything in between. Contact our office at 0432 498 631 to find out how Curtis Cleaning can serve you.

Is Strata Cleaning in Sutherland Shire Right for My Business?

Our strata cleaning services in Sutherland Shire are ideal for property owners and managers that lack the time, skills and equipment to maintain proper cleaning and upkeep of their buildings. We work with customers requiring strata cleaning for just one building as well as clients with numerous buildings and multiple locations.

The reality is that no job is too big or too small for our team to handle. If you need any type of support with cleaning and maintaining the interior or exterior of one or more of your properties, we can help. Our strata cleaners in Sutherland Shire have the skills and training to clean both residential and commercial buildings.

Our cleaning crew works directly with each client to create a customised service plan that best meets their needs and fits their budget. We offer free no-hassle estimates so you know from the start if our services are a good fit for your company.

What Types of Strata Cleaning Services in Sutherland Shire Are Available?

As comprehensive strata cleaners in Sutherland Shire, we offer both interior and exterior cleaning support. Our top priority is to ensure your property looks impeccable and always makes a great first impression. Since we create customised service plans, you can choose exactly what services you want our team to complete.

Our exterior cleaning services include everything from debris and litter removal to garage and parking lot cleaning. We also offer special cleaning services, such as graffiti removal, high-pressure washing, garbage bin placement and gutter cleaning.

Our interior cleaning services, on the other hand, include the cleaning of carpets, ceilings, hallways, stairwells, windows, letterbox areas and so much more. Additional interior cleaning services include disinfecting, banister cleaning, light checking and globe replacement.

Most importantly, our team offers a high level of attention to detail. So, you can rest assured that our Sutherland Shire cleaners complete every last detail in the service plan.

Does Curtis Cleaning Offer Additional Strata Services in Sutherland Shire?

Our comprehensive strata solutions don’t stop with professional cleaning. We also offer complete building management, gardening and strata maintenance in Sutherland Shire. As your building management team, we make sure all areas of the property meet strata laws and regulations. We schedule regular maintenance services and work with on-site contractors for large repair issues.

Our strata maintenance services in Sutherland Shire include all basic property repairs as well as complete management of the property’s fire, security and control key systems. Our maintenance team also ensures all emergency exits are working properly and free from debris.

Curtis Cleaning’s full-service strata gardening in Sutherland Shire ensures your outdoor lawns look great all year long. We handle everything from basic lawn mowing and edging to tree pruning and weeding. In addition, we promptly remove all green waste to give your lawn a lush, green appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Our Strata Cleaners in Sutherland Shire?

Unlike many strata cleaners in Sutherland Shire and Sydney, Curtis Cleaning offers a solid 47-year reputation for providing professional, high-quality services. Furthermore, as a family-owned company, we know the importance of customer care. We never treat our clients like just another customer. Instead, we focus on building customer relationships and providing personalised solutions.

Our Sutherland Shire strata cleaners provide all the necessary tools, equipment and cleaners to ensure you don’t incur additional out-of-pocket expenses. We use only the best and most effective cleaners that are environmentally friendly and completely safe to use in areas where pets and children reside.

We have partnered with numerous customers in the Sutherland Shire area, and we’re ready to help you, too. Contact our office at 0432 498 631 for more information about how our strata cleaning in Sutherland Shire can help you, or complete our convenient online form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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