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How to Choose the #1 Strata Cleaning Company in Sydney


Strata buildings are a popular way for multiple owners to collectively manage and own a property such as apartment or office buildings.

Living in a strata building has a number of advantages, particularly when the cleaning of the common areas is taken into consideration. Owners of these buildings are required to pay certain fees for strata services. This includes full strata cleaning services and upkeep of common property areas such as pathways, foyers, stairs, common laundries, courtyards and gardens.

Anything that comes within the grounds of a property but is not within an individual apartment, is considered “common property” and must be taken care of by a strata cleaning or maintenance company. A strata manager understands that an acceptable standard of property maintenance means that not just any domestic cleaner is up to the task. For this reason, we only employ experienced and dedicated cleaners who are willing to work hard and deliver an outstanding result, every time. You need a dedicated, strata cleaning and gardening specialist.

Strata cleaning is not the same as your typical domestic cleaning. The services provided target common shared areas that need to be adequately maintained. This will prevent them from being unsightly and dirty and posing a threat through possible health hazards. The strata regulations require that common areas are kept free from debris, rubbish and anything that might cause an issue or pose a threat to tenants and visitors to the property.

Strata buildings are generally much larger than the average home and require special equipment to reach up and clean high corners, stairs and windows. Strata cleaning companies offer complex services that your typical domestic cleaning companies simply can’t offer. However, not all strata cleaning companies are the same and you have to be sure you’re making the right choice for the job.

Here are a few things to be considered when making a selection for the best strata cleaning company for your strata building or complex…


painting is part of the curtis strata cleaning services for graffiti, dirt and scuff marks
eastern suburbs strata buildings that require strata cleaning companies

Reliable and Flexible Strata Cleaning and Gardening Services


All strata buildings are unique and many, particularly the older ones, have variable needs. There is a need for tailored services and a reputable and experienced strata cleaning company will be capable of doing this. When it comes to strata cleaning and gardening the service must be able to meet the requirements of specific buildings. This will give you satisfactory and top quality results.

Strata Cleaning Quotes & Rates


Comparing the prices for the services offered by the short-listed specialist strata cleaners you select is advisable. However, it is worth noting that inexpensive rates often have very little to do with how reliable or credible a particular company may be. Aim to acquire good quality strata cleaning at rates you can afford. Discuss your budget requirements with the company to ensure you are both on the same page.

Once you’ve found the right company for your Sydney strata cleaning and maintenance needs you will know quickly if they are perfect for your building. Hire a company like Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney with 47+years’ experience and you will be able to relax while we work hard and transform your property into an immaculate strata building.