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Randwick Strata Cleaners

Strata cleaning in Randwick and the Eastern Suburbs region has its own unique requirements when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a building in top condition for tenants and body corporate requirements.

Randwick is full of strata apartment and office buildings which, at times, have to deal with fairly extreme weather conditions, being so close to the coast. These weather conditions can include high winds, hail, severe rain and storms. As a result, sand, wind and salt water may damage or affect parts of buildings such as windows, property grounds and more.  A reliable and experienced local strata cleaning company like Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney will make sure your property is well cared for and is in the best shape to withstand the sort of variable weather that is found in Randwick.


Local Randwick Strata Cleaning Issues


Weather conditions in the Eastern Suburbs areas can result in a huge amount of green waste. This may include palm fronds, leaves and tree branches that fall around the building grounds and pathways. Not only is this unsightly but it can be dangerous if paths and walkways are covered in branches and leaf debris. This can cause a tripping or slipping hazard, that can potentially result in legal and insurance costs.

Randwick is also full of restaurants, cafes and other food shops and these can also attract vermin such as rats and mice. Curtis Strata Cleaning takes care of problems such as safe baits and building pest control to keep your strata building free from pests.

Curtis Strata Cleaning’s team in Randwick and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs make sure they clean and clear away all green waste that drops as a result of wind and other storms. They also manage and maintain baits and remove articles that might encourage pests and vermine to hide and make a home in the property grounds.

Our team is experienced at working in buildings that are affected by pests as well as salt, sand and sun as a result of being so close to the coastal region.

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Maintaining Randwick Strata Buildings


Dust, sand and dirt are also an issue and our cleaners make sure they leave every property and its grounds around Randwick as clean as possible. Your building will not only look great but it will stay safe and proper cleaning will help maintain the windows, sills, doors and other building features. In turn, this will help reduce the number of major repairs and renovations that are needed due to the adverse affects of weather and pests.

Curtis Strata Cleaning has been taking care of both commercial and residential strata buildings in Sydney for over 47 years! We’re still going strong!

You won’t find a strata cleaning company with more experience and drive to keep your buildings in top shape.


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Randwick Strata Cleaners – Our Services Include the Following:


Path Cleaning


Stair Cleaning


Ceiling Cleaning


Carpet Vacuuming


Litter & Bin Removal


Debris Removal


Graffiti Cleaning


Window & Glass Cleaning


Cobweb Cleaning


Banister Polishing


Garage Cleaning


Parking Lot Cleaning


Checking Lights


Globe Replacement


Weekly garbage bin placement in street for collection


Gutter Cleaning


High-Pressure Cleaning


Rubbish Bin Cleaning and Disinfecting


Letterbox Cleaning

Affordable & Trustworthy Strata Cleaners in Randwick

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable Eastern Suburbs strata cleaning and gardening service, then Curtis Strata Cleaning Sydney has the answer for you.

We have developed a range of systems and methods in our 47 years in business that streamline the entire strata cleaning and gardening process. This means our service is completed in the minimum time without cutting corners and delivers a result you can be proud of.

This means you pay for a better service that takes up less time – and money. Tenants, body corporate members and owners can enjoy their home or work place every day.

Give Fabrizio, our friendly owner/operator, a call on 0432 498 631 to talk about your strata property’s needs and arrange a no obligation, free quote at your place.

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Local Hotspots in Randwick

Locals love:


Friendly Vibe

Quiet parks where you can stroll and enjoy the surrounding areas such as the Randwick Environment Park.

Well Known For

Surfing beaches close by, Randwick Race Course, Randwick parks and shops.

Convenient Shops & Transport

Randwick has a few hopping centres. These include The Spot and the Randwick Shopping Centre along the main road. It boasts a great range of cafes and restaurants, lots of easy transport with buses and light rail.

Popular Randwick Restaurants: 

  • Java Indonesian Restaurant – 4.5 stars out of 79 reviews. If you’re after authentic Indonesian food, you can’t go past the Java. Simple decor, friendly staff and amazing food.
  • Isabella’s Italian – 4 stars of 213 reviews (Trip Advisor). Popular and delicious Italian food. Lots of vegetarian options.
  • 22 Grams – popular Randwick cafe with great coffee – 4.5 stars of 84 reviews (Trip Advisor). Close to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Popular Parks & Recreation Facilities:

  • Randwick Race Course. Hosts some of the biggest events in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.
  • Cententennial Park – stunning park that has bike paths and bike hire and ponds with ducks and cafes. Popular weekend spot for locals and tourists alike.
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